The Disha model is based on the fact that in order to bring about quick rural change the only way is to give a quantum leap to the rural and tribal children by providing them with a safe, hygienic, loving, healthy ,educational environment.

 It is important, however, that children  maintain touch with their roots while their homes are still in the process of being provided with basic healthy living conditions like water,toilets and electricity.

The model is also based on the fact that the privileged youth is being provided with facilities way beyond their needs and sometimes even way beyond their wants.So for them to become responsible agents of social change it is imperative that they be sensitized about the plight of the not so fortunate as themselves and also provide avenues to feel gratified at making a positive impact on the lives of these beneficiaries.

Disha's latest addition to the model is based on the need for girls who want to go for higher education.These are girls who have somehow managed to cross the barriers and have acquired the basic high school certification, some of there parents are  also willing to educate their girls but are facing monumental financial barriers and are finding it impossible to provide them with a safe and conducive environment to live and study.So Disha has started facilitating higher education for girls by providing them with funds and a place to live in

An independent organization Dasra carried out a detailed study of Disha's work as related to it's mission and needs of the beneficiaries and found that the results were suitable enough to develop it's model that could be scaled and replicated(Attch 1)


The Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi selected Disha as one of the best practices in the country a (Attachment 2) and carried out evaluation of Disha's work ( Attachment 3)