Initially after months of field survey and aptitude assessment of the target beneficiaries some suitable trade areas were identified in which selected youth were to get trained.

With some entrepreneurial training skills it was expected that the beneficiaries would become job creators and and all of them would then be able to lead their lives with dignity.

Unfortunately, not a single project could take off the ground because the youth could not be motivated to attend

even a single meeting and so Disha could not pursue it's goal further.


Simultaneously, a literacy program was being conducted. This was running very well .Then it was decided to provide children with a safe , hygienic, loving , healthy and educational environment where they would remain close to their roots yet develop mainstream life skills and entrepreneurial skills essential to lead their lives with dignity.

Disha, thus, evolved into the present form of a residential school where children from a radius of 100 Km are admitted by a lottery system . There is no advertising required. Parents bring their children after hearing how content and proud other parents are with their performance of their children.