Disha operates under the aegis of Jyoti Development Trust (JDT) from Seema Centre which is located behind the Rural Development Centre (RDC) in I.I.T Kharagpur.A significant part of it's community comprises the IIT staff, teachers and students.

Some IITian's come to the Seema Centre to celebrate their birthdays and in the process they distribute sweets and fruits to the children and staff of Disha.

The students from National Service Scheme (NSS) at IIT teach the children Maths and English at Disha . They also go from door to door to collect clothes and odds and ends for the children.

Every year the students from the Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM) in IIT help the young ones at Disha to hand paint T shirts. They sell these shirts at the prestigious inter college competition festival at IIT known as the Spring Fest. In the year 2008 they were able to raise more than Rs 50,000 from this effort.They ceremoniously donated it to Disha.

Every year children from Disha are invited to participate in an art competition held at IIT . Disha's artists look forward to participating in this event and they always win prizes.

The NCC staff and students take keen interest in the welfare of the children at Disha . Often they come and teach the children marching and also distribute food.

The local Rotary Club of Kharagpur has held health camps for the staff , students and their parents  of Disha.

Nurses from the local Government Hospital come to Seema Centre (Disha operates from here) and inoculate all the children at the required intervals.