Charitable Organizations like JDT can achieve their mission through the activities of organizations like Disha only because of the generous and compassionate support from people and Institutions that believe in it's cause. Disha has been extremely fortunate in attracting these attributes from illustrious and accomplished IITians like a well reputed scientist in USA  also a Gold Medalist from IIT Kharagpur who provides funds for the children's education, another successful entrepreneur with business all over the world and a Bhandarkar Cup recipient from IIT Kharagpur provides the funds for the children's food.A celebrated Professor of Electrical Engineering in USA, again from IIT  Kharagpur together with many other successful alumni of IIT have helped in creating the infrastructure.The volunteers from prestigious universities like MIT,Harvard, John Hopkins and Cornell in USA and Mc Gill in Canada have helped to strengthen the foundations of Disha's achievements and have also contributed towards better salaries for better teachers.

In the early nineties a couple of Investment Bankers from business organizations such as Morgan Stanley succeeded in convincing their CFO to provide funds which Disha used to set up a Corpus Fund. This is the main contributing factor towards Disha's goal of becoming self sustaining.

Disha's effort at achieving it's mission have reached only half way to it's ultimate goal. So in order to reach the final stage it must continue to approach and appeal to the minds and hearts of the much more able and fortunate people than those that Disha is committed to empower.A tribute to the people who are anomalies to Rousseau's observation that a handful of men may be glutted with superfluity while the starving multitudes lack necessities. 

JDT has acquired the 80-G and FCRA status in India .Donations  checks can be issued in the name of JYOTI DEVELOPMENT  TRUST and mailed to:

  "Seema Centre,  IIT Kharagpur( Behind R.D.C.) Kharagpur , West Bengal 721302. India.

Donors from USA and Canada  may please contact us to know the name and  address of  organisations who will accept the donation on our behalf and provide

tax exemption papers.

 CONTACT: Ms. Hansa Nundy:  Mobile +919933191066, Email: